Getting to Socotra

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The transfer to the island and visa arrangement is quite complicated.

The flight connection is available 3 times a week through Sana’a (Yemen) or once a week through Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), which is easily accessible from Dubai.

The airlines operating the flights are Felix Airways and Yemenia Airlines.

The reservation for tourists can be arranged only by certified Yemen travel agency.

Formalities regarding the permission to enter Socotra and visa can be administered only by an ecotourism agency situated in Socotra. Be aware that your passport must not contain Israel visa or Israel entry/exit stamp!

Visa cannot be arranged “on arrival”; i.e. after arriving to Socotra.

Due to Socotra’s isolation there are no political, religious or ethnical riots that could disturb or threaten the visitors in any way. Therefore, you do not have to be alarmed by any disturbances in Yemen or in any other part of the world.

So, you can enjoy everything Socotra offers as much as you like.