About us

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Please note that we are not a travel agency but mediators between the islanders and adventure-seeking tourists. We guarantee that the benefits from your visit will be directed towards the local community.

Why to cooperate with us?

Organized travelling lowers your expenditure, saves your time and prevents any inconveniences related to formalities. 

Your guides are familiar with the local environment and its people (they cooperate especially with our colleagues from Socotra Eco-Tours).


How to become a member of Socotra z.s. society?

Easily! Please, send a request to our email address.

About Socotra Eco-Tours

Socotra Eco-Tours is our main partner.

The agency was established in 2004 and is managed solely by the islanders. It is based on eco-tourism, which is environmentally friendly way of tourism promoting nature conservation. The agency offers a wide range of activities and best quality service on Socotra while respecting the local culture, history and environment.



Our society Friends of Socotra is for anyone who prefers and enjoys ecotourism. We wish to share and spread the information about the alternative ways of travelling and ecotourism. Our activities also include education about sustainable resources and conservation of the pristine nature. 


Aims of Friends of Socotra:

·        Promotion of the main aims of ecotourism

·        Promotion of environmental development of the island with specific attention to environmental protection and cultural preservation

·        Promotion and spread of information

·        Cooperation on projects that are economically beneficial for the local communities

·        Promotion of different ways of local development and fair job market

·        Environmental protection

·        Promotion of environmentally friendly tourism

·        International cooperation with local eco-tourist organizations

·        Education and raising of public awareness