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About me

Hi, my name is Teresa.

Many years ago, when I visited Socotra for the first time, I knew exactly what I wanted. I discovered a place so unique and special that I was consumed by a fanatical need to convince absolutely everyone to have the opportunity to see and experience the same thing. The complete isolation, local nature, people, culture, great diversity and wildness captivated me.

I have been successfully organizing tours, individual and private trips for over 12 years. I provide advice to the island of Socotra. Over the years of traveling to Socotra, I have developed bonds with the local people. Knowing the environment and partly the local language helps me, which opens up places that are otherwise not easily accessible to us during our travels.

If you want to experience something unique, it's high time to go to this area.

On the tours organized by us, you can be sure of:

  • we do not deal with intermediaries, me and my Socotra partner have a licensed travel agency directly on Socotra www.socotraexclusivetours.
  • quality complete service in Socotra, friendly and unique atmosphere in the group, our local drivers and guides who have been working for us for years are our great friends
  • you will get to know and visit places that other companies do not offer in the program/itinerary
  • we know every corner of the island and I try to provide the best experiences for every participant
  • you will enjoy great local food - we also have quality meat, fresh fruit and vegetables on the daily menu
  • we provide chilled drinks (if possible) - unlimited water and soft drinks
  • you will get to know the culture of local families
  • rides in new, comfortable and reliable Toyota Landcruiser 4x4 cars - if possible, we only put 3 tourists in one 4x4 car = more comfort
  • we emphasize that funds from organized and individual tours are used for the benefit of local people and communities directly on Socotra

Part of our activities is an interest in education in the field of sustainable resources and a willingness to contribute to the protection of unique nature. I provide a large number of completely specific activities on the island and offer tourists exclusive services that respect the values of local culture, history and the environment. My company operates on ecotourism principles, which are indispensable in protecting the environment and strengthening environmental development. I share common experiences and provide information through alternative travel and ecotourism on the island.

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