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The climate in Socotra is desert tropical with average temperatures above 25 °C throughout the year.
The ideal time to visit the island is from the end of September to May.
The annual amount of precipitation is small and is relatively distributed throughout the year.
The summer southwest monsoons bring very strong, dry and warm winds from Africa, at this time there is little rainfall and the landscape dries out.
The winter monsoons bring precipitation sporadically, some summers even no rain at all. Average annual rainfall ranges from about 150 mm in the coastal plains to about 1000 mm in the mountains.

However, night dew is much more important for water supply, especially at higher altitudes.

September, October, November and December - it's after the windy monsoon season, Socotra's nature is greenest just after the winter rainy monsoon. Temperatures are very pleasant up to 30 degrees. The period is suitable for swimming, walking and more demanding trekking. During the day you may encounter rain showers.

January and February are optimal months for all activities. The climate is drier, less windy and temperatures are very pleasant around 28 degrees. They do not drop below 22 degrees at night.

From March to May - the driest period occurs with higher temperatures around 30 degrees. The sea is very calm at this time and there is great visibility for snorkeling or diving. In this period, bottle plants also bloom beautifully - the endemic Adenium Sokotranum and the whole of Socotra is covered in pink!

In the monsoon season, it rains heavily, especially in the inland and northern parts of the island, while the eastern and southern coastal areas remain mostly rain-free. The strongest monsoon season occurs between May and September, bringing very strong winds, with local people even temporarily moving inland to escape the unpleasant effects.

However, with the arrival of the monsoon season, the island of Socotra offers unique conditions for fans of adrenaline sports such as kiting, kitesurfing or kiteboarding.

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