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Socotra's beaches and sea


Exclusive news only and for our guests, for the season 2023/2024 we have opened a new and private campsite on Aomak beach right here.

This is the first private camp on Socotra, exclusively and only for our guests of Socotra Exclusive Tours.

The peaceful place lined with long beaches with snow-white sand invites you to relax or explore the nearby villages. Enjoy unique moments near an oasis of palm trees where the desert stretches along the ocean coast.

The 3,000 m2 beachfront campsite is fully fenced for privacy, with 3 European-style toilets and showers as well as 2 natural shelters to provide shade while relaxing and dining. The beach is the longest and most beautiful of the entire southern coast. You can sleep in stone shelters with a roof made of palm branches or in a tent. From there you can go on a trip to the nearby Zahaq Sand Dunes or the Dagub Cave.


Northeast of the island with a natural marine reserve. The underwater paradise offers some of the best conditions for diving. Dihamri reserve is home to a huge variety of fish species and beautiful coral reefs. To see this remarkable world, all you need is goggles and a snorkel, which will be loaned to you by the manager of the reserve.


Delicia is a sandy beach near Hadib. You can swim in the sea, sunbathe or climb a sand dune that rests on a rock massif. There are strong undercurrents around Delicia, so don't swim far from the beach.

Detwah Lagoon

Definitely the most impressive place and beach of the island, nicknamed the magic eye. There is a large and well-equipped campsite, including showers and toilets. You can just relax in this area, as well as take walks around the lagoon.


By boat from the village of Qualansia, you can reach an isolated and incredible place, the sandy beach of Shoab with the turquoise color of the sea, in an hour. The monumental mountain massif and remoteness of the beach guarantee peace and a unique atmosphere. You can snorkel, if you are lucky you will see carreta turtles, schools of dolphins, giant sharks and rare species of birds.

Arher and Ras Ersel (Erissel)

Monumental sand dunes and a clear river flowing from the mountains only add to the uniqueness of this area. A magical place for camping, relaxing or a more challenging ascent to one of the dunes. The view from the top to the coast is breathtaking. The northeastern point of Ras Ersel Island is surrounded by many wild and unspoiled beaches. The area is also suitable for fishing.

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