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The island can be considered a real treasure trove of world natural wealth.

The Socotran archipelago located in the Gulf of Aden was formed many millions of years ago, during the breakup of the protocontinent Gondwana, when the African continent separated from Arabia. The perfect isolation of this piece of land from the outside world and the great distance from the Arabian Peninsula in the north and from the countries of the Horn of Africa in the southwest - caused that development took place here in complete isolation and made it a unique reserve. This created one of the oldest ecosystems in the world, and most of the local fauna and flora are endemic, so you won't find them anywhere else in the world.

Of the 825 species of plants growing here, 37% are endemic, with reptiles and insects up to 90%.

You will not only go on a journey, but on an unrepeatable pilgrimage through the unique landscape of the island, where you will discover something new at every step.

Socotra is a place where you won't be looking for a mobile signal, but you'll be traveling back in time.