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Socotra's mountains and inland

Dixam plateau

In the central part of the island, you suddenly find yourself in prehistoric times. Plateau and canyons with unique endemic Dragon's Blood trees ( Draceana Cinnabari ). The endless play of shadows and colors in the setting sun creates such bizarre images that it is hard to believe. Swimming in the rocky pool in the valley is the reward for walking along the stony path of the incredible landscape.

Homhil /Mumi

In the northeast of the island stretches the Homhil plateau. A protected landscape area with many myrrh, incense, bottle and Dragon's Blood trees. Above all, the combination of different types of trees, steep slopes with draceana and natural lakes with clear water create an extraordinary image of this landscape. The area is rich in representatives of the bird kingdom, reptiles, insects and others. You can choose many routes for walking on Homhil. You will reach an incredible panoramic lake with a view of the ocean after a sloping slope.


The Fermhin Plateau is the largest forest of Dragonblood trees. Nowhere else in the world can you find Dragonblood trees in such density as here. The local people will show us how they collected - and still collect on a smaller scale - the rare red tree resin.

The Hagher Mountains/Skand peak

There are many routes and options for where to go. However, only an experienced local guide can recommend a suitable route depending on the season and your condition. Conquering the highest mountain area of Skand Peak and descending back to the coast through the most beautiful natural location of Wadi Ayhaft is one of the most powerful experiences and wishes of every more active tourist.

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