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Sand dunes

The coast of Socotra is lined with sand dunes up to a hundred meters high. They stand out for their extraordinary beauty and are among the most sought-after and most remarkable places on the island. The white and silky soft sand reflects the rays of the sun that color the sky above the horizon. The whole landscape literally shines piercingly. Climbing a sand dune, whether at sunrise or sunset, is one of the most powerful experiences ever. Once you reach the top, vultures will be circling above your heads and you will see the fascinating theater of the name "play of colors" you will not forget this moment.


an area in the northeast of the island with three-meter dunes that resemble huge hills made of powdered sugar. These sand dunes lean against a massive granite wall and look monumental. Climbing to the top of a sandhill is not an easy task. After four you climb up for about 45 minutes.

Nuged, Stero, Hayf

the southern coast of Ostrava is decorated with endless strips of sand dunes. Although they are not as monumental as in the north, they enchant with their beauty.

Ostrov Sokotra Ostrov Sokotra