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Inhabitants of Socotra

The inhabitants of Socotra have their own culture and language - the so-called Soqotri, which lacks a written form.

Since the island has been isolated for centuries, its people have their own culture and language. The inhabitants live in harmony with nature and their lifestyle could even remind us of a prehistoric way of living. Life is very simple and the achievements of civilization and globalization have still not arrived here very much.

The local population is mainly composed of aboriginal inhabitants of Socotra. Other inhabitants are Afro-Arabs who speak an ancient tongue, which does not exist in written form and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Another specific and interesting feature of the local culture is the way of greeting. Upon meeting, men touch each other’s noses and to make the greeting even more personal, they shake right hands at the same time.

The Socotranians also keep the traditional Muslim way of life including men and women division. Men are expected to be hunters and breadwinners and women look after their home and children. Single women cover themselves in beautiful and colourful headscarves whereas married women prefer darker, more decent and conservative colours.

The people of Socota are very hospitable and at the same time modest, friendly and peaceful. Although you will also encounter great poverty on the island, be prepared for incredible hospitality and inquisitive looks from the locals.

Due to the fact that the island is small and not densely populated, there is a great and specific social control among the local inhabitants.

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