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turistika na Sokotře
Libor Schwarz view

We usually organize the trips ourselves. But if you want to visit Socotra, choosing a travel agency or agency is necessary. We are glad we chose this one. In addition to a great approach to clients, Tereza has an excellent knowledge of the island and, above all, established relationships with the local people. The choice of drivers and local guide again faultless. And what we appreciated very much - that all the time there was enough drinking water, drinks and especially great food, which our local drivers and guides cooked on the tridachka from fresh ingredients - mostly very high quality fish or other sea creatures according to our wishes!

turistika na Sokotře
Tomas Kelbl view

If you want to go to Socotra, you need someone to help you, or who will go there with you? In our opinion, it is one of the last relatively isolated places where you simply have to go with an agency. For us, it is clearly a top choice. Terka not only helps with everything and is a great guide/organizer, but she made our vacation an experience of a lifetime.

turistika na Sokotře
Václav Lednický view

For the last 20 years, I have been wandering around the world without a travel card, preparing the trip myself and relying on myself. But there are places where you can't go without help. One of them is the island of Socotra. I was a bit skeptical at first. In the end, however, excited. There are great people behind everything, from the owners of the tour to their staff. This is premium travel and Socotra is one of the last undiscovered paradises.

turistika na Sokotře
Lucie Horáková view

Socotra is gorgeous. Still wild, unbridled and unique. Absolutely loved the tour perfectly organized by Wael and Teresa. We felt very welcome and our requests were met beyond our expectations! The quality of service and food was simply amazing.

turistika na Sokotře
Josef Pavlovsky view

Socotra Exclusive Tours is a great agency.
Everything was perfectly prepared. Great service. Mrs. Teresa was great.
I recommend !!
Great experience. Perfect place, very nice. Like two hundred years ago :-) No people, no restaurant, just nature. Amazing nature.
Beautiful beaches, beautiful mountains, caves, clear sea, dolphins.
The best holiday

turistika na Sokotře
Martina Bauerová view

We like to travel and get to know countries without travel cards, but Socotra was an exception and we have no regrets. I still remember this beautiful island where time stopped...
The food was excellent and drinking water and cold drinks were provided throughout. Sleeping in tents was also great. I thank Terezka for giving me the opportunity to visit a local unforgettable experience for me. Socotra is a matter of my heart. Socotra Exclusive Tours is a great tour company.

turistika na Sokotře
Jana Dancisakova view

We were able to experience this amazing experience thanks to exclusive Socotra tours. Tereza took excellent care of us. Every day was a new amazing experience. Sleeping in the tents was very comfortable and the food was delicious. Socotra is definitely worth a visit. This place will stay in my heart forever

turistika na Sokotře
Kateřina Krejčířová view

Socotra is a magical place where you can discover new cultures, beautiful views and unique nature. Socotra Exclusive Tours Company is a great choice. They arranged flights and visas, handled our requests and prepared a great itinerary, we really saw a lot in a week, without rushing. Wael, Teresa and their team were very friendly, fulfilled all our wishes and even surprised us with a beautiful cake! Thank you very much! Don't hesitate - the place is completely safe until mass tourism engulfs this island.

turistika na Sokotře
Eva Palesova view

Thank you Terezka for the perfect organization of this trip. The food was cooked fresh daily by local residents. There was always fresh fruit on the table. After the walk to the caves, Tereza was waiting for us with COLD water and soft drinks. The relationship with our drivers and guide, the guys from the kitchen was perfect. The boys prepared pants for us to sleep in every day. I'll never forget last night's dance with the local girls. Thanks to you, Terezka, this trip was unforgettable! See you next year!

turistika na Sokotře
Jan Uhlir view

Thanks to Socotra Exclusive Tours, we visited all the main attractions of the island - Arher beach with eel river, Wadi Kalisan with freshwater pools, Firhmin Dragon Blood forest, dark depths of Hoq cave, snorkeling in Dihamri, Homhil "Infinity Pool", mostly without water at that time, but the views are still unbeatable, the Zahek sand dunes, a boat trip to Shu'ab beach, the seemingly endless Detwah beach and the lagoon - all in one week. Something that would otherwise be difficult to achieve through independent travel. A balanced program; physically demanding activities followed by relaxation by the sea or freshwater pools.
Our group had 11 passengers. We all clicked well so the evenings were spent the old fashioned way - talking, drinking, climbing sand dunes by moonlight, stargazing and even dancing with the locals.
Our group was supported by a reliable team of locals, drivers, cooks and helpers. Everything was well organized and went without a single (noticeable) hitch.
Good, wholesome food was served in well-chosen places. Alfresco dining at its best.
Thanks for all the fish :)