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Tour sokotra highlights

Tour date: 25.10.- 01.11.2024 Book now
Price: 1700USD + 100USD visa / person
Kompletní cena včetně letenek a víza: 65.000 - 70.000 Kč / person - viz. cenový rozpis

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What will we do on Socotra?

  • 8 mi day stay on Socotra (7 nights/10 days including travel), the intensive program includes a visit to the most interesting places the island has to offer!
  • Trekking into the interior of the island with swimming in wadis
  • Unique endemic fauna and flora
  • Ascents and explorations into unexplored caves
  • Visit of indigenous people, villages
  • Swimming and boat trip to the most beautiful beaches of the island
  • Snorkeling (diving) in the national reserve
  • Option of 3-day trekking to the highest mountain range (individually)

Socotra map

sokotra highlights


  1. Flight ticket Abu Dhabi – Socotra and back - 930USD/person/bank transfer to the UAE (United Arab Emirates) or by arrangement directly from the office in Socotra (the fastest option).
  2. Complete services in Socotra 1700USD + 100USD visa - payment in Socotra in cash!
  3. If you are a group of friends, 5 or more, ask for an individual price!

The flight schedule for the new season may be changed and specified!

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